- Thoran (m) – War/Valor/Honor (LG) (War, Good, Strength, Nobility)
The god of honor and justice. Renowned for his battle prowess, he is worshiped by those that fight on the side of good and honor. He had the largest standing army of any of the gods as many fighters, paladins, clerics and other warrior types flock to his banner.
Symbol: Sword and Shield
Favored Weapon: Longsword

- Solanus (m) – Sun/Light/Goodness (LG) (Sun, Good, Healing, Glory)
Where Thoran represents battle and justice in arms, Solanus represents goodness and light tempered with kindness and compassion. He is the smiter of undead, the destroyer of darkness.
Symbol: The Rising Sun
Favored Weapon: 1 handed mace, hammer or flail

- Besard (m) – Strength/Physical (CG) (Strength, Protection, Mysticism, Competition)
Besard is a more barbarian god. He values strength and physical prowess over skill at arms. He is worshiped heavily by the northern people, those less civilized. His clerics are all skilled in wrestling and strength in hand to hand combat. His clergy are also renowned for their brewing and many prefer his symbol to include the fist clenched around a stein or cask.
Symbol: A clenched fist
Favored Weapon: Two-handed Warhammer or Sword

- Hestia (f) – Healing/Safety/Home (NG) (Healing, Protection, Good, Community)
Hestia is the goddess of the home. The protecting mother and defender of the hearth. Mothers give offerings to Hestia during childbirth to ensure a healthy child and safe birth. Most orphanages are run by the church of Hestia.
Symbol: The hearth
Favored Weapon: Knife or small hammer

- Esinus (f) – Magic/Knowledge (NG) (Magic, Knowledge, Oracle, Divination)
Esinus is the enigmatic eye. She is all about magic and knowledge. Her clergy are very secretive and keep their knowledge from prying eyes. They have some of the greatest libraries of the land and many wizards and sorcerers come to study and worship in her academies.
Symbol: The all Seeing Eye
Favored Weapon: Staff

- Cerina (f) – Hope/Compassion/Travel (NG) (Travel, Protection, Weather, Celerity)
The goddess of hope is paid respects by all those that want to start anew. She is the wandering deity and her temples and shrines dot the land. Her clergy is small, wandering the land, keeping up shrines. It’s rare to see the same priest in the same spot for more than a few weeks. They visit a region, lend a hand and then move up to help another.
Symbol: Boots, sometime with wings
Favored Weapon: Short rod or cudgel

- Sorus (m) – Death (LG) (Death, Magic, Plant, Purification)
Sorus is the keeper of the dead. He guards the souls in the underworld for safe keeping. He also gives back to the land in a rebirth of life. His main days of worship are the day after the last harvest and the day before the first spring planting. His clergy take the dead and prepare them for the afterlife so they may have peace.
Symbol: Wheat being harvested by a Scythe
Favored Weapon: Scythe

- Goran (m) – Earth, Mountains (N) (Earth, Protection, Creation, Weather)
Goran is the earth father. He is the land and hills and the mountains. He brings life to the soil so it can be planted. He is the strength of earth and the everlasting mountains. He is revered by those looking for stability, safety and strength. His clerics work with those of Sorus and Artimi for the harvest as the plants they guard after and bring life to, need the strength of the soil that Goran provides.
Symbol: Mountain
Favored Weapon: Two-Handed mace or hammer

- Artimi (f) – Life/Nature (N) (Animal, Healing, Plant, Beastmaster)
Artimi is the goddess of the hunt. She rules the wild places and protects the animals and plants of nature. She is a wild maiden, riding a white unicorn. She is fierce in battle against those that would harm nature and helpful to those that would help protect it.
Symbol: The Stag
Favored Weapon: Bow

- Thetyhys (f) – Sea, Water, Oceans (N) (Water, Weather, Oracle, Dream)
Thethys is the goddess of the Oceans. She rules of the seas and the water. She is also the keeper of dreams and visions. She is often sought after to try to discern the meaning of signs and portents. Her blessings are sought after by all sailors and shipwrights before any journey is undertaken.
Symbol: Two Sea Shells around a globe of water
Favored Weapon: Flail or Trident

- Aerys (f) – Air, Sky, Winds and Storns (N) (Air, Weather, Destruction, Travel)
Aerys is the goddess of the winds and the sky. She is a wimsical goddess and likes the freedom of movement and speed of the winds. She is generally calm and happy, but can become dark and destructive if she is angered. She is happy to be with her brother Goran and sister Thehtys as she can blow and howl her winds around them.
Symbol: The Tempest
Favored Weapon: Sling

- The Magister (m) – Justice/Laws (LN) (Lawful, Pact, Destruction, Inquisition)
The Magister is the Adjudicator. He is concerned only about keeping the law and defending justice. He cares only that those that break the law are punished. Those that uphold it are rewarded. Most large towns and cities have courts run by the church of The Magister.
Symbol: Scales
Favored Weapon: Staff

- Bessa (f) – Chaos/Chance/Trickery (CN) (Chaos, Luck, Trickery, Liberation)
Bessa is the patron deity of the gambler, the charlatan, the hustler. She is the shadowy goddess that gives a fortune one night and takes it away the next. Gamblers will say a prayer to Bessa before a night of gaming and hope that she will reward them. She is also invoked as the goddess of love to a lesser extent as luck and love often goes together.
Symbol: a pair of dice
Favored Weapon: Dagger

- Lichas (m) – Undead/Dying/Disease (NE) (Pestilence, Death, Destruction, Darkness)
The Arch-Lich Lichas is the deity of pure evil. He is the corruption of the work that Sorus tries to do. He rules those undead that have been corrupted and still walk the land. He gives unlife to those that would serve him. He spreads death and disease where ever he can.
Symbol: Skull with red eyes
Favored Weapon: Wand or curved/wavy dagger

- Krug (m) – Hatred/Murder/Evil (CE) (Evil, Destruction, Strength, Domination)
The god of hatred is worshiped by many that would try to destroy civilization and rule with a cruel iron fist. His followers seek the downfall of society to turn it to be theirs. Many humanoid bands worship Krug and his vile clergy as they seek to destroy all they can find.
Symbol: Blood dripping sword
Favored Weapon: Two-Handed or Bastard sword

- Serpentus (m) – War/Deceit/Evil (LE) (War, Evil, Law, Trickery)
Serpentus is the brother of Thoran. Where Thoran is for honor and valor, Serpentus is a back-stabber and a coward. He seeks to win where he has the advantage on the battlefield. He never gives a straight fight. Unlike Krug, who wishes the downfall of all things, Serpentus wants to keep the structure in place and just replace those in charge. His minions are secreted into many places in government where he has promised them power in exchange for their loyalty to him.
Symbol: Intertwined snakes
Favored Weapon: Short or Long sword

- Fina (f) – Fear/Envy/Greed (CE) (Chaos, Magic, Madness, Domination)
Fina defines the lust for power and greed above all else. All manners of decadence and lust are her domain. He followers work to obtain power and wealth at the expense of all else. They foster fear and mistrust in those they can control in order to get their way into power.
Symbol: Coins with a single eye upon them
Favored Weapon: Mace

Church of the Divine
This religion focuses on the one God-Emperor of the old Empire. Clerics of this faith have access to the Law, Magic and Knowledge domains. This religion teaches that everyone must follow the one god as their master. Other gods are not part of the world view of this doctrine. While most of the people that worship in this religion do not necessarily follow that, most of the higher clergy follow this strictly and while not calling other worshipers heretics (though they do believe that), they are not on friendly terms with them. Some of the newer clergy, however, see this as an impossible stance and try to foster more open dialogue between the religions.
The Church of the Divine has large cathedrals in the major cities with smaller ones in towns spread mainly in the southeast. The further north or west you go, the smaller their churches and fewer their members. Wandering clerics are frequently come upon in the less ‘civilized’ lands as part of their doctrine is to convert people to their religion and they are often seen trying to spread the word in towns and villages to varying degrees of success. In areas of enough population they will setup small missionaries and attempt to educate the populace while also caring for those less fortunate. Some see it as their duty to help the needy while others seek to indoctrinate the populace by force.
Their symbol is a gold circle with a gem at opposing sides. This represents the circle of life with the opposing forces of heaven and the underworld, life and death. Images of the God-Emperor with a glowing circle as a halo above his head are common in their churches.

Notes on the Gods:
Most of these gods come from the age of the Empire a thousand years ago. Some have changed in the time since then but most are still worshipped much the same as they were before. Most people do not follow a particular god or goddess, but rather give prayers to each on their day and in times of need. Some, especially Thoran, Besard and Solanus, have large temples and armies of devoted worshipers and soldiers. Others, such as Bessa, do not have a formalized structure and tend to have small shrines devoted to them or a house somewhere that worshipers congregate. Most of the evil deities are not openly worshipped except in outlying areas or by evil humanoids. Small groups devoted to these deities will gather in cities to do their god’s bidding but tend to be very secretive.

There are also numerous demi-gods and lesser godlings that are seldom worshiped except by a few devoted followers. Many times they are simply prayed to at an appropriate time or invoked before attempting a feat in their domain.

Bessa is the goddess of chance. She is also linked with fate, though most do not worship that aspect of her. She rules the laws of chance and is usually asked upon by those seeking some additional luch, whether it’s a gambler before rolling the dice, a father hoping his wife survives childbirth or any other soul in need of a bit more luck at a time. A short prayer/saying is usually said right before such an event to invoke her name. She is fickle, granting both good and back luck to the mortals of the world. It is said that if enough is sacrificed to her, luck or fate can be swayed to the one offering since Bessa is vain as much as fickle. There has also been stories of those favored or cursed by Bessa. Those that luck (bad or good) is always with them. Usually, the bad meets an untimely fate as they cannot survive without some good luck and the good often dissapear after amassing wealth and fortune.

Esinus, wife to Thoran, is the goddess of magic and knowledge. She aided him when his brother, Serpentus, betrayed and nearly killed him. She is the keeper of all knowledge and the provider of magic. It is said that she suffered a great wound a thousand years ago and that is why the magic in the world has lessened. Many monastaries were built after the fall of the Empire and dedicated to her as the keeper of knowledge. From these, some of the orders of Monks grew to keep safe that knowledge. Not all, as some were devoted to the Imperial church, but some were and are still in existance. Many Wizards and Sorcerers worship Esinus, hoping to unlock more knowledge in their searches and gain access to those places guarded by her followers.

Hestia is the home and the hearth. She is a goddess of good that protects those that protect the home. She is the patron of mothers and protectors. Her followers, mainly females, travel the land to give aid to those that need it and protect the poor and sick. The greatest healers are usually followers of Hestia and she was the one who healed Thoran back from his wounds and thus he owes her a great debt. His followers will always aid a member of her church in times of need. Her followers are also very skilled in creating defense works and many a siege engineer will come to Hestia for aid.

The Magister is the embodiment of Justice. He knows neither good nor bad, spite nor mercy. He administers the laws to the letter. There is no wavering in the eyes of his followers. His codes and edicts are followed in absolute. Towns that are under his sway are generally cold, hollow places where the people are in fear of the law and what may happen to them if they make the slightest mistake. Many of the high judges of the land are followers of the Magister, many law colleges take from his teachings and his clergy travel the land as a sort of circuit judge system. The will arrive in the smaller towns and villages to set forth rulings and judgments that have been built up since their last visit. His followers are honest and forthright and seldom able to be bought off as such are considered beyond reproach. However, his inquisitorial group is feared throughout the land as they seek to find wrongdoing regardless of the situation and will often hunt out more than they have been requested of so towns are wary of asking for their help.

Sorus is the god of the dead. He is the beginning and the end of life. Souls return to him from the living and are reborn unto the land at some later time to begin anew. He is the oldest of the gods and brought forth the younger ones to fill the void of the universe. He lies deep in the underworld and the dead are brought to him upon a magical river or by the winds that carry from the upper lands. He is constantly vigilant against those that would corrupt the dead to their own bidding and he must be bargained with in order to revive a lost soul.

Artimi is the wild goddess. She is the heart of the stag and the strength of the bear. She presides over all that is natural. She is at one with the Elven gods as she is their sister in the human world. She protects nature and all those that serve it and is wrathful to those that would corrupt or scorn it. Most all druids call her mother and draw their power from her as they seek to protect the world from those that would abuse or corrupt it. Her brother is Goran of the earth and her sisters are Thethys and Aerys of sea and the winds.

Serpentus is the evil brother of Thoran. He is known as the betrayer as he once attempted to kill his brother and steal his wife and throne from him. He was defeated when Hestia was able to heal Thoran since he was unable to finish him off as Solanus kept him at bay until he was healed and ready to fight him. Serpentus had always been jealous of his brother and those that would follow him. At one time he was Thoran’s trusted right hand and helped him in many ways but Serpentus could never overcome his brother’s shadow and so plotted to kill him and take his place. When that failed, he fled and hid in the underworld to seek his vengeance later. His followers, like their master, are always in the shadows now. They seek to manipulate from behind the scenes and not show themselves until the last possible moment. They would rather control those in power and to give some semblance of normalcy and so have secreted themselves into many parts of government and the bureaucracy in order to control the goings on to their design.

Lichas was a very powerful mage at one time. He sought power as mages often do and in doing so, started down the path to unlife. As a lich, he was powerful and commanded armies to wage war upon the land. While there have been liches and Arch-liches in the past, Lichas was smart, or lucky, enough to be able to steal a sacred jar from Sorus in the underworld. This jar was part of the power of death that Sorus held and by forming it into his phylactery, Lichas was able to ascend himself into godhood, taking a small part of the Portfolio of Sorus and calling it his own. His ascension gave more power to the undead in the world as they had power to draw from now instead of stealing it from Sorus

Non-Human Deities
In addition to the human deities above, there are many non-human deities that are worshipped by many races:

Bahamut – Good dragons and magic using creatures
Corellon – Elves and Fey createures
Asmodeus – Overlord of Hell
Orcus – Demon lord
Gruumsh – Goblinoids and humanoid monsters
Lolth – Underdark and spiders
Tharizdun – Lost god of madness, the outer reaches
Tiamat – Evil dragons and lizard-folk
Zehir – Yuan-ti


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