Britannia is the northernmost part of what was once called The Empire. The Empire was founded several thousand years ago in a land to the south of Germania, across the Southern Mountains. For hundreds of years the forces of the Empire conqured lands and increased the size and wealth of the empire. All of Germania, Aquitania and the sorrounding lands fell to the empire and the might of it’s armies. Britannia, at the time populated by small tribes of Celts and others from Germania, was quickly absorbed into the Empire as it’s troops moved northwards. A capital was placed at Londonium and a Governor appointed. Brittania was a land rich in resources and magical powers. Ley Lines centered frequently in Britannia and many sites were founded around these nexus points to study and use the powers. Riches flowed into and out of the land as many people and scholars arrived. However, due to this, there was a terrible catastrophe dealing with magical energies that were unleased. This caused a lot of damage to the lands and unleased a blight which killed many people and destroyed large areas of land. The blight was stopped a dozen or so years later, but it had a great affect on the land and the Empire. Much of Britannia was destroyed, farms and towns destroyed, animals and people killed. As well, a corruption had found it’s way into the Empire and within 50 years, the Lich Emporer took control. Many wars followed and the Empire crumbled. They Elves, believing they were the cause of the blight, left the northern lands in search of more distant ones, to try to attone for their misdeads. It took many hundreds of years for the lands to recover. Cities soon rebuilt and people came back but the magic was not as strong as it once was. Major nexus points were no more and the Ley Lines were harder to find and follow. Various wars were fought by rival factions and clans both in Britannia and the continent over the vacuum of power that was left when the Empire crumbled. Britannia has been both independant and a part of various kingdoms over the last 1000 years until about 200 years ago, the decendant of the last Governor appointed by the Empire, appeared in Londinium and annouced that he had been in contact with the Empire again and declared that all of Britannia was once again under Imperial rule. He had brought with him a large host of soldiers from the continent as well as having a number of backers with him in Britannia. After a brief series of battles, he was able to control most of the small fiefdoms that had sprung up. No one could match his large army and most did not put up much of a fight. He installed Dukes in each of the shires that swore fealty to his control. Over the last 200 years, the power of the Governor has waned and that of the Dukes has increased. A number of battles over land have occurred, as well as some fought with countries on the continent, all trying to gain control of Britannia. As it is currently, the land is at peace and the last war fought on foreign soil was over 5 years ago but Acquitannia has been a constant threat as of late. The Dukes still give defference to the Governor, as he still maintains a large army and receives some support from Germania (those controlled by the Empire) and the Empire itself. Most people in Britannia know nothing of the world beyond their village or town, let alone the shores of Britannia and are less concerned about it. There are still many ruined signs of past glory and the fact that the Empire has regained control (so people say, it’s still not certain), has done little to change the lives of people.

In the year 2812 ID (Imperial Dating), Caius Octavius Severus, declared that Britannia was once again under Imperial rule. Tiberius claimed that he was the direct decendant of Marcus Octavius Severus, the last Imperial Governor of Britannia and had opened communications again with the Empire and was under their direct orders to regain control of Britannia. He arrived in Londonium with 10,000 Imperial troops as well as another 20,000 mercernaries and auxilliaries from Germania, another Imperial controlled land. After a brief series of battles, most of Britannia came under Imperial control. At least, that is what is thought by a majority of the people. No one any direct proof that the Empire has come back to these lands. Caius had what looked like authentic documents declaring himself Governor and reclaiming former Imperial lands, but in a thousand years of absence, these could be forgeries. Never the less, with 30,000 troops at his command he was easily able to carry out his plan.

The year is now 2970. In the over 150 years since this was done, some changes have been made with the power system, but very little has changed in the lives of the people of the land. The power of the Governor has declined some with the passing of Caius in 2857. His decendants have been appointed Governor in succession but none have been as brilliant a leader as Caius was. The local Dukes, created from the warlords and chiefs of the lands beforehand, have gained in power with a more central government. They squabble amongst themselves for power and wealth but the centralizing of power has given them the ability to better deal with the external threats from raiders and Acquitainnia.

The lands of Britannia are a mix of peoples. Mostly human but with a large amount of both Halflings and Dwarves. The Dwarves, along with some Gnomes, are scattered throughout the more hilly/mountainous regions, especially to the north. Halflings are found more to the south, in the rolling lands and hills they prefer. Those Elves that remain are either in the forests, or the more urban areas. A good many of them came back with the Governor and are living near Londonium, however, this is still a small percentage of what used to live here before. Other races are far fewer in number. A good deal of humaniods still lurk in various areas away from the cities. The further north you go, the more there are. Cities to the north are often attacked by orcs and goblins from the hills. The Dwarves are constantly fighting them in their underground cities and many come across the sea from Germania or Norsca. The land of Hybrasil lies to the west and is sparsely populated. There are a few human settlements but the land is harsh for them and many monsters still inhabit the lands, making settling there difficult. It is not uncommon to see humanoid races in some of the more remote cities. The furhter towards Londinium you go, the less likely this is but it is not unheard of. Recent attacks by Acquitannia have used many humanoids so travel along the coasts is often dangerous. Raiders from Norsca, as well, attack many settlements along the eastern shores.


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