House Rules

Alignments – Standard 3e alignments (LG, LN, LE, CG, CN, CE, NG, NE, N)

Enchant magic –
Time - 1 hour per level for common
- 1 day per level for uncommon
- 1 week per level for rare

Cost – 100gp/250gp/1000gp per level for new items

175gp/500gp/1000gp for resizing

Level 2 Ritual – Arcana
Cost 100 gp
Time 1 hour
Allows for finding 2+Int/Wis bonus of magical properties

Additional damage from vulnerabilies cannot exceed the normal damage done. In order to gain the full effect of vulnerability damage you must do at least that much damage. I.E. A creature with vulnerability 10 to radiant damage would only take 8 points of damage if 4 points was done to it but would take 20 points if 10 points was done to it.

Healer’s Lore (PHB pg61)
Remove the Errata. Healing spells ‘grant healing’ and do not spend healing surges
Astral Seal and abuses like it will be changed to Temporary HP

Magic Missle (WA 1, PHB pg159)
Add one additional missile at any target at:
7th level
11th level
17th level
21st level
Target becomes: 1 or more targets. Each missile can be directed at only 1 target.

Divine Power

(pg. 31) Astral Seal HP becomes Temporary HP instead of healing
(pg. 47) Compassionate Blessing Errata is removed
(pg. 135) Healer’s Implement Errata is removed
(pg. 140) Beatific Healer Errata is removed

House Rules

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