Race List

These are the most common races:

Humans – Found all over Britannia but mainly in the south and east. The further west you go, the more sparse the human population becomes. Humans away from the cities and surrounding duchies tend to be more tribal or nomadic.
Imperial humans usually have some continental roots but after 150 years or so they are fairly well mixed.

Dwarf – Dwarves are common in the foothills and mountains all over Britannia. Many have joined up with various human lords to become either soldier or craftsmen. Every city and large town usually has a decent dwarven contingent.

Elf, Wood (fey) – The largest group of elves left on the island. Since the migration a thousand years ago, the elven population has decreased greatly. Being the closest to the Fey world, wood elves are more at home in the wilderness than in cities. They are rarely encountered outside of these realms.
(same as Elves for abilties and bonuses)

Elf, High (arcane) – Split from the Fey world to pursue their study of magic these elves are almost non-existant in Britannia. Most migrated east a thousand years ago and no one knows where they went. The few that remain behind are scattered in small communities or with Wood Elf communities.
(As per Eladrin for bonuses. No Fey Origin or Fey Step. Attribute bonuses: +2 Dex, +2 Int or Wis)

Elf, Grey (arcane) – An even smaller spliter group of elves that have worked to heighten their understanding of magic and the arcane. As with the High Elves, most migrated away to the East long ago. Some have returned with the Imperial forces but they were not of the same kind that departed. They seek to expand their arcane knowledge as much as they can.
(as per Eladrin. No Fey Origin or Fey Step. Attribute bonuses: +2 Int, +2 Wis or Dex)

All elves are effectively immortal in regards to aging. High and Grey elves tend to be taller than humans, Wood elves are about human average or shorter.

Half-Elf (either) – Vary depending on which race their elven parent was and how they were raised. Some are more in tune with the Fey world than others.

Halfling -

Halfling, Stoutfoot – Unlike their smaller and more slender cousion, Stoutfoot halflings tend to be more bucolic and settle in farming communities. While still small and dextrous to human standards, they are a a bit sturdier and more in tuned with human ways. These halflings are more common in the southern parts of Britannia including large populations in the Cornish area.
(+2 Dex, +2 Wis or +2 Cha)

Half-Orc – The offspring of a human and orc mating, usually born to a human mother. They are often scorned upon by both races and have a hard time fitting in depending on which attributes they have and community the live in. Most find service in arms where their strength and endurance serve them well.

Rare Races:
The following races are rare and seldom seen in civilized lands. Some are more common in the hinterlands where humans and humanoids mix more and the Imperials haven’t run them out. Others find service working for the militaries in some way in order to have a more powerful patron to take care of them.

Tiefling (rare, outcasts, hints of chaos) – People fear chaos, especially those from the continent or in long Imperial service. Chaos usually leads to trouble or death and those tainted by it often are cast out or worse. Usually found away from society or hidden within depending on their features.

Deva – Devas are rare to begin with but there seems to be an increase in them appearing in the lands dedicated to the local gods. No Devas can ever be a servant of the God Emperor of the Church of the Divine.

Dragonborn (rare, mainly Imperial imported from the continent) – Dragons are things of legends. They are seldom seen in the world now. Dragonborn are just as rare and always looked upon with a mix of fear and fascination.

Shifter – Usually living in small communities away from major civilized lands they often mix freely with the local tribes of humans or humanoids depending on the current alliances.

Minotaur – Most minotaurs are found in the service of the Imperial army, imported from the continent (mainly Germania). They are rumored to be a cursed race. Their mages use a particular type or runic magic, often inscribed on their horns or totems.

Goliath – Scattered in the northern and western mountains there are some small goliath societies around. Some also hail from the continent in Imperial service from larger communities there.

Humaniods are oten seen in more rural, out of the way villages and towns where they can mix with the locals depending how is currently in charge. Some rulers like to keep units of them on hand as they can make good troops. Gnolls and Bugbears are the most common as shock troops, especially in Imperial service. Gnoll tribes are fairly well civilized and tend to interact with humans better than most.


Extremely Rare Races:
These races are fairly non-existant in the world. These races would cause a major stir anywhere they went as they are unknown most anywhere but highly educated circles. The reaction may vary depending on creature and the community.

Illumien – Sometimes seen in Imperial service. There are remote monestaries with small groups throughout the world.
Githzerai – Occassionally seen in large cities in the service of someone powerful.
Wilden – Only found in very remote forests and seldom try to encounter other races.

Non-playable races:
These races are not playable as PC races:
Elf, Drow – No Drow exist as per the normal type. Dark elves are also known as Desert elves but are not found in Britannia or in Imperial service.


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